Setting yourself up for failure: an expert’s tale. 

Today was not my day. Not only was I up over 3 pounds (this always happens when I start exercising, which is why I usually quit…) but my C25K workout was to run for 20 minutes. Just the thought of this seemed impossible, but I was determined to try. 

But… Tuck was adamant about joining me. I must have accidentally said the w-word because he was stuck to my side like glue all morning. It was quite a production getting him out the door by himself. I had to coax the other two dogs into my room, which is easy to do when they think I’m going to go in there and nap, but it’s quite another when I have shoes on. I got it done and we were on our way. 

But… as I was waking out to the desert, (Slowly, Tuck stopped to pee. A lot.) I got a bit of a side cramp (This used to happen to me all the time, but hasn’t in quite awhile.) As we got even closer I felt like I had to pee, and I’m not a pee in the wilderness kind of girl. Still, I was determined to do this thing. 

But… after we went through the gate I took Tuck off his leash, which I then had to wear around my neck. Finally, it was time to run (jog). 

But… I now had a leash around my neck, my phone was in the pocket of my basketball shorts and kept banging on my leg, and Tuck was lagging behind me slower than Methuselah (I don’t even know who that is, but I hear she’s slow). So I took the phone out of my pocket, held it in the hand with my water bottle, told Tuck to keep up and kept going. 

But… I was miserable. So I stopped after 4 1/2 minutes. Not because I couldn’t keep going, but because it isn’t normally fun anyway, and I was just making it worse. Which is a sure fire way of making me quit altogether. I didn’t even have to do that workout today, usually I do them every other day. 

So Tuck and I headed home, and I have every intention of trying again. Maybe later today, maybe tomorrow. But without a dog, in better shorts, after peeing, and maybe with a better watering system so I can use both arms the way God intended. 

Here are some pictures from the walk of shame home: 

Tuck being slow. 

Still slow. 

Starting to catch up. 

But… he’s so cute! I can’t stay mad at him! 

Hopefully my next post will be about how I jogged 20 minutes straight with no issues whatsoever. And lost 10 pounds doing it!

A girl can dream. 


Jogging. With a Y. And a life update.

Many, many, moons ago I started Couch to 5K. I was pretty consistent in the beginning, but then we got busy, so I would go a month (or so) without doing it. Yesterday, I jumped back on the bandwagon. The last time I did it, it was run 5 minutes, walk, run 3 minutes, and then repeat. I figured that I would still be there. Instead, I looked and it was run 5 minutes, walk, run 5 minutes, walk, run 5 minutes! The 5 and 3 killed me, so I was thinking, “we’ll see about this…” I ended up surviving. Shocker. Anyway, I am in this FitBit challenge (I’ll go into more detail on this in a minute), and yesterday it was so much easier having most of my steps done by 9 am. So today I decided to do it again, thinking it would be the 5 minute thing again. Wrong again, Jane! Today it was 8 minutes!

You would not believe how happy I was to hear the little “ding” at the end of the first 8 minute stretch. But something happened during the second stretch. The song “These Boots” by Eric Church came on. To me this song is directly tied to the Route 91 Harvest Festival and the massacre that happened there (I had a whole blog about that, but I didn’t post it). I knew that the “ding” would happen before that song was over, but I decided that I would keep going. All of the people that died, the people that were injured, and the people that were there and now have to go on living life were my motivation to push myself a little bit harder. Today my struggle didn’t seem to be that bad. Today they were my “why”. It was only an extra minute or so, but it meant something to me to be able to do that in their honor. Sometimes we have to dig deep and find motivation to do the things we don’t feel like we can do.

I peeked at the next workout and it is 20 minute of non-stop, so I might have to put the song on repeat to make it through tomorrow…

On a happier note: we are in the process of getting a new modular home. We have outgrown our house, and we have a larger piece of property across town, so it is in the works! I am one of those people that is always waiting for the other shoe to drop, so I haven’t told a lot of people. It’s a waiting game right now, but the house is ordered and I am ready to move in! I am a little sad, though. This was my first real home with the kids. This is where I picked up the pieces of our lives and created some much needed stability. I worked really hard for this house, and Tim and I started our lives together in it. So it is bittersweet, but a much needed change. I am not looking forward to being house poor, but we will make it all work.

Click Here for our floor plan!

The next big news item is that after a year and a half of court proceedings and major stress we have FINALLY heard back from the judge about the kids! I never like going into too much detail about all of this, but the girls were not in a good situation when they went to visit their dad every other weekend. We finally had the proof that we needed to do something about it, so we took the opportunity to do so. I didn’t know it would take this long, and I have learned a lot about our judicial system in the process, but it is a huge relief to be done. The judge interviewed the kids almost a month ago and we have been sitting by the phone since then just waiting for him to make his decision. I now have sole legal and physical custody, and I am so relieved.

The next thing I want to mention is the FitBit challenge I’m in. The wonderful Virginia (No Finish Line Nation) had an idea in July to do an daily elimination challenge. I may have talked about this in another blog (I can never remember what I write) but I would just like to say how awesome she is. We started on 8/1 and she has put so much work into keeping track of 100 (ish) people. We have to have at least a 9,000 daily step goal. If you don’t make your step goal for the day, you are eliminated from the challenge. It is day 80 and we are down to 29 people. There have been so many days that I didn’t want to even do this, but my competitive side always wins out. I am so thankful for this challenge because the past few weeks I have just been losing and gaining the same 2 pounds. If I wasn’t hitting my step goal every day, I would probably be gaining more than the 2 pounds. She is a rock star. If you have a FitBit, you should think about doing a challenge like this with your friends!

Speaking of losing and gaining the same 2 pounds over and over, I really need to stop sneaking chocolate milk! Hopefully getting back into the yogging will help with that!




You may remember that in February I had dinner with some people and one of them (Randy) was on Weight Watchers . That was how my journey started. I saw Randy again today for the first time since that night, and it just so happens that today is Weigh-in day and I’m officially down 50.4 pounds! I don’t even know how that is possible, but it’s a huge accomplishment and I’m very excited to continue this journey. 

My husband asked me today how much more weight I wanted to lose, and he was appalled by my answer of 40 more pounds. He doesn’t think I need to lose that much, and I might not. Time will tell. I’ll stop when I feel like it’s the right time, I plan on listening to my body. Right now I’m a little over 3 pounds from One-derland, so I’m looking forward to that next goal being met.

5 cups of sugar…

Today after the kids finished school they wanted to make cupcakes. This is nothing new. They always want to bake. I am a little behind in school due to sickness and an extreme case of procrastination, so I told them yes. If they were quiet. I left them to their business and retired to my room to read. 

First of all, they were not quiet. As soon as my bedroom door shut they were blasting the new Taylor Swift song “…Ready for it” and not long after I could hear them bickering through the walls. 😫

This continues for awhile and then, one at a time, they come in my room to tell me the same story, three times. The just of it was this… 

Elly had a recipe for frosting and they began to make it, without realizing it was also a cookie recipe, and they had put all the ingredients for the cookies, AND the frosting, in the bowl. Also, 3/4 cups of sugar was misread as 3 cups of sugar. What resulted was a really granule-y (is that a word?) fluffy-ish mixture. They made me come out and look, and then I instructed them to just throw it away. Figuring, incorrectly, that they now would just make the frosting portion and be ok. This is the frosting that resulted from that assumption. 

Before showing me this really putrid-looking frosting, they frosted their just-out-of-the-oven cake with it. I didn’t get a picture of that. But it looked like the vomit I cleaned up yesterday. 

Here is the cake in the trash. 

This frosting was made with granulated sugar. 2 cups. If you are keeping count this is now 5 cups of sugar in the trash. 

I found them a normal recipe for buttercream frosting. Explained that they needed powdered sugar. And that there was a difference between “softened” and “melted” butter. Abigail and Ollie disappeared, and only Elly was left standing. This is a 13 year old that asked her 9 year old sister the other day how to make Ramen noodles… I helped her get the butter right and together we mixed up the ingredients. She then colored (🤢) it and frosted her cupcakes. Which they had been smart enough to not cover with the other batch of frosting. 


While I didn’t get much reading done, I did hear a lot of debates in the kitchen about adding fractions. So I might be 5 cups of sugar poorer than I was this morning, but the kids learned some valuable lessons. And if you’ve ever met me, you would know that it isn’t easy for me not to take over in the kitchen. I’m type-A to the hilt. But I’ve been trying to make it a habit to let them help more and learn. What’s 5 cups of sugar in the scheme of things? 

My friend over at  Happy Healing always asks questions at the end of her blog, so I thought I’d try it out and see what you guys think.

Do you have any kitchen nightmare stories with your children? 

What are some ways you teach your kids that don’t include books? 

First Day 

Today was the first day of school for the girlies. We started the day with crepés. 

They were excited but nervous to get going. Abigail had begged for this book called “Extreme Dot to Dot” which can go up into the 1,000’s. She wanted to start with it, then got bored pretty fast. 

We made the table bigger and they all did their work together. I made them chili dogs for lunch. We didn’t have much time in between the end of school and volleyball practice. When we got back from there we stopped at the dollar store to get Elly a 5 subject notebook for one of her classes. Then they had the audacity to ask me to cook them dinner! 3 meals in one day. Most days they won’t be that lucky. I ground some hamburger and they had the most pathetic tacos ever. 

Tomorrow they can have cereal and sandwiches. And I MIGHT make them dinner. 

Hello Again!

I feel like I haven’t written anything in forever! Life has certainly been busy. 

As far as weight loss goes, I had two weeks of vacation but I didn’t go too crazy. I dined with orcas at Sea World and there was a buffet :/ I got this huge shortbread in the shape of a whale with the intentions of sharing it, then ate the whole thing. 


But there were some great low-point options for the rest of the meal, and I did a ton of walking. I didn’t track points on either of the birthday trips with the girls, and I was up .8 when I got back from San Diego, but all in all it wasn’t bad. 

Around Wednesday I had a really sore tooth and by Thursday it was unbearable to eat. So Friday I went to the dentist as an emergency and found out that a tooth that previously had a root canal needed to be re-rootcanaled or pulled. I decided to pull it. I was in too much pain to deal with it, and I would have waited to see a specialist and pay about $1000. So I’m down another tooth. And still sore! Hopefully it heals fast and I can move on with my life. 

Since I got home from San Diego and started tracking again, I feel like I’m constantly hungry and wanting snacks, and going over my points. I think part of it was my tooth and having top ramen two days in a row. 13 points and not filling at all. I just needed something easy to eat, but I think I’ve cured myself of wanting it. Also, I realized that we had zero fruit in the house (which is my go-to 0 point snack) so we finally went grocery shoping and I feel much better. 

Other than all that, I started school again, which has been interesting. I’m only a couple of weeks in and I already miss my freedom. It’s a lot of work and a lot of reading. 

We had our custody trial on the 25th. It was nerve wracking and terrifying, but we made it through. We have one more step before the judge makes his decision, so keep us in your prayers. 

Kids are supposed to start school tomorrow, so that should be fun. Maybe I’ll have more to write about soon… 

Birthdays and WI Day. 

Today was WI day and I lost 2.4 pounds! This makes me really happy since last week I gained 1.8. I’m now officially 45 pounds lighter than when I started in February. I can’t believe I lost at all this week considering my birthday was Wednesday and I had a huge piece of cheesecake. 

Today is my baby girl’s birthday and we headed to Laughlin for crab buffet. I decided not to track today. Mostly because I wasn’t about to take a digital scale to the buffet. And I didn’t really want to know how many points my breakfast Birthday cake was :/ (I was on the phone with Frontier and mindlessly eating it while on hold. Small bites.) 

I’m not the only one who ate cake for breakfast…

I didn’t go crazy at the buffet, and crab is relatively low in points anyway. I skipped the butter and had fruit with real whipped cream for desert. So tasty. Then we walked around and went bowling. Where my 9 year old beat the pants off me. Twice! She also got her first strike. 

I haven’t don’t C25K this week, and I’m feeling a little guilty about it. I’ll get back on track with that next week. I did have a huge NSV, though. I’ve gone from a size 18 to a size 14 in pants! What?! 

(P.S. it looks like my shirt says “fart”; but it does not. And I hate the left picture, it isn’t easy to share that with the world.) 

In other news: after a 2 year break, I am enrolled back in school. University of Arizona here I come. It’s been 16 years since I started (and miserably failed) school there. I’m studying for my BA in Psychology. If nothing else, it should make for some interesting posts in the future. I miss my little community college and it’s much better prices. And I’m not happy about having to take Spanish. But I’m happy I am done with math! I’m looking forward to starting Monday. Wish me luck. 


I miss pizza. A lot. I still have it occasionally, but it doesn’t taste as good when you know you shouldn’t be eating it. 

This cup made me laugh when I first bought it. When I look at it now, the “believe in yourself” pops out to me more than the “pizza” part. I do believe in myself. I’m rocking this journey. It isn’t always easy. Especially today! I had to run 5 minutes in a row, two times (C25K Week 4 day 1)!!! I wanted to munch all day long! I made pretty wise choices and ate low point things. I ended up splurging on a baked potato and sautéed zucchini, mushrooms and onions for dinner. Much needed. I feel full and still have some points left for dessert :). 

On a different note: I enrolled at U of A yesterday. Getting ready to start the journey to my Bachelor degree. I decided to come full circle back to UA where I started my college journey many moons ago. I’m nervous, but excited at the same time. Mostly I feel like this 2 year break after my Associate’s was wasted. I didn’t read enough for pleasure, and if I hadn’t quit, I would already be done. 

So as KJ from Cake, Yes Please says: “Don’t Quit Today!” 

NSV and Butterflies

Today I did Week 3 day 2 of C25K at 7,500 feet instead of my normal 960 feet! This in itself is a miracle, but I was able to do it while holding my shorts up (with my non-Fitbit hand of course) and keeping my mouth closed! It’s a Christmas Miracle! 

Here I am hanging out in the hammock afterwards. 

I was very proud of myself for not quitting, and for even trying it to begin with, knowing how hard it would be in the first place. 

I’m almost to my 10,000 daily step goal for the Fitbit elimination challenge. I’m having a bit of difficulty because I have almost no service where I am. If I don’t sync then I don’t get invited back the next day. I should have my 10,000 by the time I leave civilization this afternoon, so I’ll be good for today. 

Here are some pictures I took on our way into town this afternoon. Enjoy! 

Don’t quit. It’s not worth it. 


August is a busy month for our family. My birthday is the 16th. Abigail’s is the 18th. Elly’s is the 28th. Most importantly, we have a long awaited court date as well. Needless to say, I’ve been really stressed out. This isn’t helping my diet at all: I’m an emotional eater. 

On Friday I decided that I wasn’t going to step on the scale until today (I do a monthly calendar for Connect). I thought by not getting on the scale every day that I would miraculously lose more weight than if I did step on the scale. I do believe in miracles, but that wasn’t one of them. I was trying to beat last months 3.1 pounds. 

I made 2.8 pounds lost for July. I really miss those big numbers that I started with, but as we say in WW land, “a loss is a loss”. I’m trying to change my lifestyle, not just lose weight quickly and then put it back on. So my monthly loss wasn’t ideal, and I won’t meet my goal of one-derland by my birthday, but I’m ok with that. It was a bit of an unrealistic goal to begin with. I will get there, I don’t need to put a date on it. 

More positively, I have been doing C25K and I’m now on week 3. Which means 3 minutes of running (jogging…) and I’ve still managed to keep my mouth closed most of the time. My goal is to do a 5k this winter. After that I will most likely go back to my standard 4 mile hike. I’ve never been much of a runner, but I want to prove to myself that I can, so that’s the plan. 

I still don’t see a huge difference in myself when I look in the mirror, but I’m fitting into clothes that I haven’t worn in 7 years, so there’s that.

Even though I have court looming over my head this month, I have so much to look forward to. I’m planning a few days in Laughlin with Abigail for her birthday. We will eat crab and swim and bowl and go to the movies. Elly and I are going to San Diego and staying right on the beach. 

My goals this month are to continue with C25K, drink more water, and less mindless (trackless) snacking. I’m also in a really cool daily step goal challenge on Fitbit, and I want to be the winner! I’ll keep you updated.